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AdminSunday February 07, 2016
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Welcome to the Northern Lights Web Site

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2016 Family Friends of Scouting Campaign

As we kick off this year's Friends of Scouting campaign, look back at all of the wonderful activities your son or daughter were able to do because of scouting and your support. Help make this year's campaign a success. As of today, we are 26.84 percent of the way towards our Family Friends of Scouting goal.

This number reflects only the Family portion of the Northern Lights District Friends of Scouting goal. There is also a community goal where we ask local businesses to help support scouting. The community goal is not reflected here. If you know of some contacts in the community we can approach for support, please contact Chip Chapin (612)963-0049, our Friends of Scouting chairman

Curious on where your unit stands on their individual goal? If you are a registered user of the Unit Toolbox, you can see where you stand by accessing the Unit Toolbox.

Click here for the Unit Toolbox Login

Upcoming Training Sessions
Hosted by Northern Lights District
(Next 90 Days)

Click here to signup for training
Click here for a full list of upcoming courses

New Resource files

Roundtable Hang Files

Electronic Hang Files (think Pendaflex folders) contain flyers and information handed out at Roundtable or made available via the Web Site.
There are two places to look:

Got a flyer you want distributed - Send it to the Web master

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Outdoor Leader Skills Training It's NOT just for Scoutmasters!

Northern Lights District
Outdoor Leader Skills Training

It's NOT just for Scoutmasters!

Are you a new Boy Scout Leader?
Did your son just transition from Webelos?
Are you a parent of a Boy Scout?
Do you want to learn more about Boy Scouts?
If Boy Scouts is "boy-run", what do adults do?

This training is for YOU!!

April 2-3, 2016 at Rum River Scout Camp (Weaver Lodge)
7:00 a.m. Saturday to 12:00 p.m. Sunday.
Cost for the entire program is only $25.

Reservations Required to Ensure Class Size

Note: The following courses are required to be a fully trained Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster:
• Youth Protection Training
    Available online for free at My.Scouting.org .
• Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Specific
    Available for $15 at the Northern Lights Super Scout Blowout, March 12th
• Outdoor Leadership Skills
    THIS great course!


Click here for a flyer

On LIne "How To" for Cub Scout Training on the My.Scouting web site

BSA has implementing a new training management system that is attached to the my.scouting.org site (not myscouting.org). This new training management system will slowly replace all of the existing online training. As of this writing, the new training management system is only for Cub Scout leader training.

Here is a document to help cub scout leaders navigate the new online training system.  We have had questions or have heard of volunteer frustrations with the site.  Feel free to share this document with all volunteers, particularly anyone who is working with Cub Scouting. 

For the JTE training deadline, leaders should complete as many modules as are available for their position OR attend an in-person session.  Many options for in-person training are available this including University of Scouting.  More information is available on the council training website: http://training.northernstarbsa.org/default.aspx.   

For complete instructions, click this link

Congratulations District Award Recipients

The following people are being recognized as some of the top adult loeaders in our district. Please join us at the annual DIstrict Dinner to share in their recogntion.

Click here for more information on the District Dinner.


District Award of Merit Recipients

Ivan Leishman

Dave Jones

Lars Pekay

Outstanding Scoutmaster

Steve Bernard T405

Outstanding Cubmaster

Peter Hollingshead P211

Outstanding Committee Chair

Geoff Forbes P582

Outstanding Assistant Scoutmaster

John Peavey T534

Outstanding Den Leader

Sherry Benedict P532

Outstanding Webelos Leader

Zia McNeal P532

Outstanding Scouter of the Year

Joe Sears

Aurora Borealis Recipients.

These volunteers were nominated by thier units as shining examples of ledership in thier units.


Name   Unit 
Sarah  Akins P454
Tyler  Akins P454
Jesse Anderson P420
Nadine Anderson T542
Aaron  Balzer P454
Beowulf  Boswell T141
Jim  Bothum T141
Kirsten  Bovy T542
Pamela  Braun P276
Dan  Broin P442
Chris  Chapman P299
Joanne Collier P454
Ari  Gordon T582
Jane  Hansen P299
Andrew Hanson P299
Tim  High P454
Jodie Hill T403
Steve  Jacobson P582
Alex  Jimenez P532
Jack  Johnson T403
Melissa  Karnick P751
Mike Karnick P751
Brenda Kerr T582
Jerry  Kraft P276
Paul  Kroening P276
Sean Masterman T542
Suzi  Masterman T542
Kathleen McHenry T542
Walt  McHenry T542
Steve  Morehead P582
Joelle Olson T141
John  Pawlowski T582
Sue  Petrie T542
Shane  Petrie T542
Troy Pullis P454
Jason  Reinsch P299
Joe  Rothstein P420
Karla  Ruhr P532
Darwin Stahlbeck P582


From the Web Master

This site is always being worked on. Please email me at Doug Farmer (763)424-6424 if there are any changes in those items, if you have any content you would like to see on any of the pages listed, or any new pages you would like to see added. I hope this site becomes a resource for all scouts and scouters. To accomplish that, I need help from everyone in the district. District leaders, Unit leaders and scouts themselves. Any item you wish to see on this site, please forward to me. Also, send me Unit information, leader information, Unit web sites to link to, any photos, with events, captions etc. Send the information to  Doug Farmer (763)424-6424 Thanks