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AdminSaturday April 19, 2014
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2014 Family Friends of Scouting Campaign

As we kick off this year's Friends of Scouting campaign, look back at all of the wonderful activities your son or daughter were able to do because of scouting and your support. Help make this year's campaign a success. As of today, we are 62.85 percent of the way towards our Family Friends of Scouting goal.

This number reflects only the Family portion of the Northern Lights District Friends of Scouting goal. There is also a community goal where we ask local businesses to help support scouting. The community goal is not reflected here. If you know of some contacts in the community we can approach for support, please contact Chip Chapin (612)827-5294, our Friends of Scouting chairman

Curious on where your unit stands on their individual goal? If you are a registered user of the Unit Toolbox, you can see where you stand by accessing the Unit Toolbox.

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Electronic Hang Files (think Pendaflex folders) contain flyers and information handed out at Roundtable or made available via the Web Site.
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Leave no Trace Training - May 2nd
Your unit deserves a Trainer!  Youth 14 years and older, Outdoor Leaders and Camping Chairs are invited to attend the spring Outdoor Ethics Leave No Trace (LNT) Training May 2-4th at Phillippo Scout Camp.  Please encourage and support your Scouts and Ventures in gaining skills to sign off rank advancement, learn award requirements and minimize outdoor impact. Help them learn how preparing can reduce impact on your High Adventure trips!
Register today - before time runs out!
Be the Best - Train the Rest.

Troop 211 Electronics Recycling Fund Raiser
FREE Electronic Recycling Collection in Maple Grove: Boy Scout Troop #211
Maple Grove, MN – On Saturday, May 31, Boy Scout Troop #211 will partner with Tech Dump, an electronics recycling nonprofit, to collect unwanted electronics (gently used, obsolete, or damaged) from 10am-2pm as a fundraiser. 
Bring computers, cell phones, electrical cords, internal/external drives, other misc. electronic accessories, TVs, and monitors ($15-45 fee for CRT TVs and monitors—not flat panels—see TechDump.org/Troop211 for more info). Tech Dump will destroy all information and data at their facility in Golden Valley. 
Tech Dump is a Minnesota and Hennepin County licensed electronics recycler. To find out more and for a list of accepted items, visit their website at TechDump.org/Troop211. 
The event will be held from 10am-2pm in the parking lot of the Advent Lutheran Church at 9475 Jefferson Highway, Maple Grove, MN. 
The troop shared “This fundraiser will keep our weekend camping or outing fees low, as we do lot of weekend camping or one day outings like rock climbing. We even have goal to go zip-lining for the first time this year. We also need to replace some tents and camp cookware.” 
About Tech Dump: TechDump.org is a division of Jobs Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing stable jobs to economically disadvantaged adults to obtain marketable job skills and a pathway to self-sufficiency. TechDump.org accomplishes this through the collection and recycling of electronics which not only support a green initiative, but also uses the proceeds from recycling and refurbishing to create jobs for those with barriers to employment. To find out more, visit their website at TechDump.org. 
Media Contacts: Amanda LaGrange 
Director of Marketing 
Tech Dump Electronics Recycling 
Troop 211 Contact: Mike Opatz at 612-619-5005 or mikeopatz@gmail.com

Northern Lights Trap Shoot

Northern Lights Trap Shoot 


Calling all trap shooters!

Want to have fun and help support scouting? Join us on May 17th for a 5 station trap shoot at the Minnetonka Sportsman Club. Shooters run though the standard 5 stations, 5 with shots each station.

Cost is $75 and all net proceeds go to help support scouting in our area.

For more information, contact Chip Chapin at 612-943-0049 or ChipChapin@aol.com. To register, click here 




Camp Cards Video

Check out the Tensile Tree Tent prize

Have you seen Sasquatch buying Camp Cards

NEW BSA Health Forms

(Reprinted from Bryan on Scouting Blog in Scouting Magazine)

Deciding which version of the BSA’s Annual Health and Medical Record you need shouldn’t raise your blood pressure.

And starting today, you’re getting a streamlined version of the BSA health forms and an easier-to-use website to accompany them. The site is the result of several BSA teams (professionals and volunteers) joining forces to make this process a painless one for you and other Scouters.

The Annual Health and Medical Record (hereafter AHMR) comes in several flavors, and until now some Scouters and parents found it a little difficult to determine which version of the AHMR they or their Scout/Venturer needed.

Taking your Cub Scouts on a local tour or your Boy Scouts on a two-night camping trip? The forms you’ll need are different from those required on a camping trip lasting more than 72 hours.

Visiting the Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, Philmont or the Summit? Be sure to print off some additional information to give your doctor.

It’s all spelled out for you on the new site. Figuring out which forms you need is a snap thanks to logos, clear language and so-big-you-can’t-miss-’em buttons you’ll click to download the proper form.

Speaking of, you’ll know you’re using the right form if it says “2014 Printing” in the lower right corner.

If you’ve already gotten your physical using the old form, though, don’t fret.

“The No. 1 concern/question I got this weekend relates to, ‘Are my current valid medical records still valid?’” says Richard Bourlon, BSA health and safety team leader. “It’s most likely folks concerned we are going to make someone fill out a new physical exam when they planned to use one they just had done in December, for instance.

“We want to assure them they are still good — the old versions will be phased out over the next year, and everyone will basically have a new one in place next summer.”

Answers to this question and others are found in the FAQs section of the AHMR website. Click the “Have Questions? Get Answers Here” button at the bottom of the page and read the FAQs. Your question may have already been answered.

AHMR live webinar

Mark your calendar for the afternoon of Friday, April 4. That’s the date of a live webinar on the AHMR. You’ll hear from David Berry, the volunteer who serves as chairman of the BSA’s medical team. He led the updates and website transformation, and you can ask questions and hear him describe the changes in his own words.

New website

Just by glancing at the new AHMR website, it’s easy to see how much better it is than its previous iteration. The previous version had good content, but it featured an intimidating block of text. The new version makes navigation a breeze.

From the Web Master

This site is always being worked on. Please email me at Doug Farmer (763)424-6424 if there are any changes in those items, if you have any content you would like to see on any of the pages listed, or any new pages you would like to see added. I hope this site becomes a resource for all scouts and scouters. To accomplish that, I need help from everyone in the district. District leaders, Unit leaders and scouts themselves. Any item you wish to see on this site, please forward to me. Also, send me Unit information, leader information, Unit web sites to link to, any photos, with events, captions etc. Send the information to  Doug Farmer (763)424-6424 Thanks