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AdminThursday October 19, 2017
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Eagle Project Workbook Tips

Eagle Project Workbook Tips




Let's talk Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook!

By Mary Degel, Registrar

The Boy Scouts of America has a new format for the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook which became available in January 2012. The new format allows a Scout to enter more precise information in specific throughout the workbook. The new Eagle Scout Service Project work- book MUST be used for projects started after 1/1/2012. (Recycle all outdated work- books.) Along with a new format comes questions and input on how to best use the workbook format.

As the Eagle Scout Registrar for the council, here are some tips I would like to share with your Life Scouts as they prepare their project workbook for submission with their Eagle Scout paperwork.


  • Download the workbook from the council website and save it on your computer. Type the project information right in the workbook.
  •  Have the parents/guardian read pages 21 and 22: Message to Scouts and Parents or Guardian and Excerpts and Summaries from the Guide to Advancement.
  •  Call the district advancement chair for approval of your project CONCEPT before completing the Project Proposal, on pages 7-10.
  • Call the district advancement chair or Eagle coordinator for approval of your Project Proposal, pages 7-10. The three signatures must be secured before the district volunteer will approve the proposal.
  • Write up the Final Plan and work it, pages 11-16. Use attachments if more room is needed for the information.
  • Complete the Fundraising Application on page 17 if you are raising money to fund the service project. Read the directions on page 18 to understand this process and when you need to use the Application. Contact the district advancement chair or district Eagle coordinator to get approval of the fundraising application.
  • Complete your Eagle Scout Service Project Report pages 19 and 20.
  • Keep a list of the project workers, the date(s) they worked, and number of hours they worked. You will need to complete the grid on page 20 with this information.
  • Submit the list of project workers, the date(s) worked, and number of hours worked with your Eagle Scout paperwork.
  • Upon completion of the project, sign page 20 of the project work. Also have the Scoutmaster and beneficiary of the project sign the workbook.
  • Submit photos and other documentation. Attach any "before", "during", and "after photographs. Attach letters, maps, hand- outs, printed materials, or similar items that might be helpful to the board of review.


  •  Do not call the council office for approval of the Project Proposal or Fundraising Application. Approvals are done by the district advancement chair or district Eagle coordinator.
  • Do not submit the Service Project Work- book or Eagle Scout Rank Application in a 3-ring binder, bound-edges, or sheet- protectors. The original paperwork will be returned to the Scout after the board of review.
  • Do not use staples. Staples will be re- moved to make copies of the paperwork.
  • Do not submit loose photographs. Embed photos in a document, mount them on paper, or keep them to bring to the board of review.
  • Do not submit the directions pages from the workbook. Pages 2-5, page 18, and pages 21-22 do not need to be submitted with the Eagle Scout paperwork.
  • The district advancement team holds an Eagle Preview or Eagle Expo twice a year. Make sure to attend these events to be up-to-date with the latest Eagle Scout paperwork information. Check your district website for dates and locations or contact your district advancement chair.

Youth may download both Eagle Scout Service Project Workbooks from the National Council, BSA website:


 For additional information regarding the new workbook, or for answers to other Eagle rank-related questions, feel free to call or email your district's Advancement Chair.