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AdminTuesday October 17, 2017
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Commissioner Service Corps






         The purpose of the Commissioner Service Corps is to help units succeed. Unless scout units are strong and efficient, the program won't reach the boys. The Commissioner Service focuses on assisting units to operate at maximum efficiency so that they can deliver the program.

Our Mission is Retention

The Retention Mission of the Commissioner Corps is best achieved by providing an adequate number of trained Unit Commissioners who provide a link to District Committee resources in support of a quality unit program.

District Commissioner

District Commissioner's Role

The District Commissioner is the "Quality Control Officer" of the District.  He/she is responsible for overall program execution across the District.  He/she recruits and manages a Commissioner Staff.  The District Commissioner is responsible for providing a continuing education forum via the District Roundtable.  He/she is part of the District Key 3. He/she publishes a District Commissioner's Annual Service Plan that guides and unifies the Commissioner Service Corps.
Read the District Commissioner's Annual Service Plan

District Commissioner's Vision Statement

To bolster units of the Northern Lights District through a dedicated and trained corps of Unit Commissioners who link their units with the resources of the District Committee. To facilitate the development of strong, adult leaders through an effective Roundtable program. To be proactive in anticipating unit needs and to be responsive to them. To support unit growth and retention. To ensure quality unit programs through growth in Journey to Excellence criteria.


Assistant District Commissioners

Assistant District Commissioners aid the District Commissioner in administering effective Unit Service throughout the Northern Lights District.  They provide support to units either in specialty areas or as Area Support Team Commissioners.  They represent the District's interests within their area of influence.

Admistrative Assistant District Commissioners

Admistrative Assistant District Commissioners support units by providing expertise within specialty areas.  They all have unique experience that sets them apart as true subject matter experts.  The specilty areas supported within the Northern Lights District include: Special Needs Scouts, Summer Programs, Roundtable / Training, and Venturing.

Area Support Team Commissioners

The Northern Lights District is divided into 6 geographic areas for non-LDS units and 2 areas for LDS units.  Each area is administered by an Area Support Team, AST.  Each AST has one AST Commissioner and a number of Unit Commissioners based on how many units are within the supported communities.  AST Commissioners are responsible for the staffing of their areas and the delivery of effective Unit Service. 



Unit Commissioners

Today's Unit Commissioners are results-oriented. They are successful in their mission when the  unit regularly accepts new boys, and units effectively deliver the ideals of Scouting to their members.

A Unit Commissioner plays several roles, including friend, representative, unit "doctor", teacher, and counselor. These roles are necessary to help units through the various phases they experience as the adult leadership changes in the units. The Unit Commissioner helps maintain continuity during these cycles of leadership changes in the units.

The unit commissioner make regular contacts with unit leaders throughout the year. Their telephone calls and personal visits provide unit leaders with an additional source for information and ideas to continue unit operation and the program. The unit commissioner and the unit leader will conduct an annual process called rechartering to ensure that all members are properly registered in the Boy Scouts of America.  The Unit Commissioner also monitors and helps guide their unit's progress toward successful completion of Journey to Excellence objectives.


Roundtable Commissioners


Another responsibility of the Commissioner Service is to provide for the continuing education of adult leaders within the District.  This is accomplished through a monthly forum called Roundtable.  Each program area has a dedicated Roundtable Commissioner who plans, resources and executes program specific training that reflects both current District events and the needs of the units themselves.  Roundtables offer developmental training and information sharing opportunities for the units. They provide information for district and council activities along with unit program ideas and unit committee operations help. 

Commissioner Recruitment

The Commissioner Service is open to all adult volunteers age 21 or older.  Previous unit leader experience is preferred but not necessarily required.  All Commissioners must be motivated to help units succeed through personal example and selfless service.  Unit Commissioners typically support three units each. Training is required for all Commissioner positions and is held throughout the year. Because their Commissioner duties must be a volunteers prime scouting focus, currently active unit leaders will not be accepted into the Service.  If you are interested in learning more about the Commissioner Service contact your Unit Commissioner, Area Support Team Commissioner or the District Commissioner. 

For more information or comments, contact the  Northern Lights District Commissioner,  Greg Richter