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AdminMonday November 20, 2017
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District Phones

The Northern Lights District is run by all volunteers. These scouters have volunteered their time to make the Scout program a reality for the youth of our district.

If you know of any changes to this roster, please Email the WebMaster at webmaster with the committee position, name and contact information.

Thank You Very Much!!

Click here for a District Organization Chart

 PositionNamePhoneEMail Address


Program Relations ExecutiveJake Twaddle(763)231-7226 jtwaddle@northernstarbsa.org
     ChairmanSteve Antolak(763) 493-5631 steven.antolak@antolak.com
     Vice ChairmanKen Rasmussen(763)559-6540 KennethGRasmussen@eaton.com
     CommissionerGreg Richter  gerichter@hotmail.com
     Field Service DirectorAdam Hough763-231-7220 ahough@nsbsa.org
     WebMaster EmailWeb Master  NorthernLightsBSA@comcast.net
     Assistant Director of Field ServiceBob Thielen(763)545-4550 bthielen@northernstarbsa.org


ADC AdministratorRon Murphy(763)533-2610 ronaldmurphy15@gmail.com
     Cub Scout RoundtableKyle Wetzel 
     Boy Scout RoundtableJen Theisen  jen@artbyred.com
     Venturing ForumVacant Position 
     Roundtable MentorRon Murphy(763)533-2610 ronaldmurphy15@gmail.com


ChairmanBill Barber(763)323-7230 Bill.Barber@comcast.net
     Cub Scout AdvancementAlex Jimenez   alejandroj@comcast.net
     Merit Badge MadnessVicky Mehrwerth  vickymehrwerth@hotmail.com
     Religious Emblems Coordinator Dave Jones  djones4735@gmail.com
     Eagle Projects and ReviewsBea Murphy(763)533-2610 bea_murphy@hotmail.com
     Cub Scout AdvancementDarren Kilker   darrenkilker@gmail.com
     District AwardsGene Stobbs(763) 242-1559 stobbsg@gmail.com
     Eagle Projects and ReviewsJohn Olson(763)557-1978 olson276@comcast.net
     Venturing AwardsDon Peterson(763)425-1187 drpeterson63@gmail.com
     Eagle Projects and ReviewsGene Stobbs(763) 242-1559 stobbsg@gmail.com
     Merit Badge CounselorsVicky Mehrwerth  vickymehrwerth@hotmail.com


ChairmanBea Murphy(763)533-2610 bea_murphy@hotmail.com


ChairmanJoe Sears(763)535-0485 55422@hotmail.com
     KlondikeJoe Sears(763)535-0485 55422@hotmail.com
     District Pinewood DerbyVacant Position 
     Ice Fishing DerbyDave Smith  dragsterdave@comcast.net
     Scouting for FoodSteve Meyer(763) 438-4890 stevenjohnmeyer@gmail.com
     Fall CamporeeJoe Sears(763)535-0485 55422@hotmail.com
     Webelos Woods / Spring CamporeeJoe Sears(763)535-0485 55422@hotmail.com
     Cub AnnapolisLeif Klang(612)749-2043 lklang@comcast.net
     District DinnerVacant Position 


ChairmanJason Zeman(763)559-9063 jzman11@msn.com


ChairmanDel Wilkinson(763) 267-7530 deljoanne50@gmail.com
     FOS Family LeadVicky Mehrwerth  vickymehrwerth@hotmail.com
     FOS Community LeadDel Wilkinson(763) 267-7530 deljoanne50@gmail.com
     Popcorn SalesMarty Paulat(763) 792-0791 martyp01@hotmail.com
     James E West AmbassadorVacant Position 


ChairmanBob Kochenderfer(763) 416-7793 llbk1@juno.com
     New UnitsVacant Position 
     Boy Scout LeadVacant Position 
     Cub Scout LeadVacant Position 
     Webelos Retention LeadKeith Hill(612) 201-9343 khill41818@aol.com
     Spring and Fall RecruitmentVacant Position 
     Committee MemberJulie Schedler 
     Committee MemberKeith Hill(612) 201-9343 khill41818@aol.com

Order of the Arrow

Chapter AdvisorMatthew Schaffer(612)325-3925 mrschafer534@yahoo.com


ChairmanDave Johnson(763)533-1819 Eagleboy1964@aol.com
     RecordsRon Murphy(763)533-2610 ronaldmurphy15@gmail.com
     Youth Protection LeadDave Johnson(763)533-1819 Eagleboy1964@aol.com
     VenturingRoger Hagerman(763) 535-5752 hagrbeat@aol.com
     Boy Scout LeadJoel Ostgaard(763)533-0595 jcost@usfamily.net
     Cub Scout LeadBob Theisen(612) 242-4233 bobt@btheisen.com


ChairmanVacant Position 
     VOA AdvisorVacant Position 


WebmasterBob Theisen(612) 242-4233 bobt@btheisen.com

Key Resources

Chairman - Past YearsGene Stobbs(763) 242-1559 stobbsg@gmail.com
     Chairman - Past YearsChris Sandberg(763)417-0887 cksandberg.scouting@centurylink.net
     Chairman - Past YearsGeorge Abide(763) 544-8255 george@abide-idea.com
     Chairman - Past YearsBill Fredrick(763)560-8198 wmfred@comcast.net
     Chairman - Past YearsJon Pederson(763)425-5436 jonp@rjequip.com
     Chairman - Past YearsBruce Cary(763)497-9085 brucecary@embarqmail.com
     Chairman - Past YearsDuane Haugan(612)544-5521 haugan857@comcast.net
     Chairman - Past YearsJerry Oss(612) 521-0262 g_oss@hotmail.com
     Members At LargeRandy Reverman(763) 557-0984 chryguy@comcast.net
     Members At LargeBob Zeman(763)425-5452 bobzeman@msn.com
     Members At LargeJason Zeman(763)559-9063 jzman11@msn.com