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AdminWednesday October 18, 2017
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merit badges
April 2009

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Program Feature

Wood Badge C-35-09; Cool Leadership, Warm Memories

Your District Executive was fortunate to receive both of the above over the last month, having just returned from attending this course. I had always thought about attending Wood Badge, but finally made the time to go. I am so thankful I did! The course director / scoutmaster for this winter course was Northern Lights’ very own camping chair, Randy Reverman. Randy truly embodies the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell's vision of Scouting, and even did a little channeling during the first weekend.


Randy put together an amazing staff as well, and looked close to home for his senior patrol leader, Leif Klang. Troop l received the benefit of Leif ’s leadership, experience... and free spirit! Leif, thanks so much for making the experience such a fun one for everyone involved.

One of the best parts of being a Scout is going to camp and enjoying the Two P's and four S's of a campfire. For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to attend Wood Badge, I won’t give away everything, however one of the S’s is Skits. And, one of the best skits we saw involved yet another Northern Lights volunteer, Mike Larson, who rode in on his horse to save the day.

I am very excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work on my ticket items, and I know that these three amazing leaders (along with all the wonderful Wood Badge staff) will be there to guide me whenever I need it.

Michele Pritchard - Northern Lights District Executive

Share your Story

If you have a "Brag" story about the great things your unit is doing, send a story and a picture, and we will highlight you and your unit in the next Navigator!

Above and Beyond

After much unforeseen logistic shuffling, we're finally able to announce that the Northern Lights District Pinewood Derby will be held on Saturday, April 18 at the LDS church in Brooklyn Park, 4700 Edinbrook Terrace. Each pack will be able to send TWO racers from each grade level. For more information including check-in and start times, visit the district website at northemlights.nsbsa.org.

Did you Know?

Scouting began in 1910 for boys 12-17. In 1949, the age group was changed to 11-17. ln 1972 it was changed to 11 or completed 5th grade. Adults could earn the Eagle Scout Rank until the official end in 1965 when BSA added the Eagle requirement of "serve actively for 6 months as a troop warrant officer." This requirement was actually in a handbook supplement in 1963 but was optional until 1965. ln the late 1940’s and 50’s the national BSA began to frown on adult Eagle Scouts and the practice was stopped with the only exceptions being servicemen sewing in World War II who were unable to complete their requirements before leaving.

Knot of the Month

William T. Hornaday Award

Description: Green/blue/white on green/blue/white knot on tan background with tan border.


Award Requirements:


  • The William T. Hornaday Award recognizes Scouts and Scouters for their service to conservation and ecology efforts in their communities. There are six different Hornaday awards with an ever-increasing scale of challenge. The youth individual awards are based on earning certain merit badges and completing one or more significant conservation projects.
  • The Silver Medal award is the highest possible attainment in conservation for a Boy Scout
  • The Gold Medal is the highest possible attainment in conservation for a Scouter. The gold medal may be considered when a qualified Scouter is recommended by his or her council, by an established conservation organization, or by any recognized conservationist. The nominee must have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to the education of youth on a national or international level, reflecting the natural resource conservation/environmental awareness mission of the Boy Scouts of America.5Nominations must be approved by the BSA's national conservation committee.
  • A Unit Certificate can be awarded to a den, patrol, or group of five or more Scouts for a unique, substantial, conservational project, but the square knot is reserved for those earning one of the medals