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AdminWednesday October 18, 2017
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September 2009

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Dinosaur Activity Day

Thanks to all those involved in the 2009 dinosaur dig activity day. It was a fun day of fossil finds, BBs and archery, and many other spectacular dinosaur adventures.

Many thanks to Leslie Byzewski, Steve Anderson, Greg Fackler, Bob Thielen, Michelle Pritchard, Jennifer Dahlgren, Kyle Wetzel, Fay Buss, Brian Worwa, Dave Worwa, Syrena Bowen, Maggie and Phyllis Whitcomb, Kirstin Bovy and many other parents who stepped up throughout the day.

Did you know?

The Appalachian Trail starts in northern Georgia and continues through South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and ends in Maine at Mt. Katahdin, Baxter Peak, Baxter State Park.

Studies show that hiking is beneficial for a person's overall physical and mental health. Hiking can help prevent heart disease, decrease hypertension, cholesterol levels and weight, improve the symptoms of osteoporosis and arthritis, helps to control diabetes and can also relieve back pain. Hiking is also a great way to relieve stress.

If you like to sit outside eating bananas in your favorite blue shirt, you're about to become a mosquito's best friend. They're twice as attracted to blue than any other color and appear to love people who've just eaten bananas.

You know that awful black soot that gets all over the bottom of your pots and pans when you cook over an open campfire? You can avoid the messy cleanup if you use one of those aluminum foil dishes or pie pan under your pot. The foil transmits heat and collects most of the soot!

July Events:

Cubannapolis Find flyer at: http://northernlights.nsbsa.org/HangFiles/2009-04-April/Cubannapolis%20Flier.pdf

If you have a "Brag" story about the great things your unit is doing, send a story and a picture, and we will highlight it in the next navigator.

Knot of the Month

Community Organization Award

Description: gold on gold knot on purple background with gold border.

Award Requirements:

Community Organization Award is a generic term used by the BSA to identify a category of awards used by secular, national, community organizations to recognize their members for voluntary service and achievement. The organi­zation must also be a BSA national chartered organization. The recognition piece, the concept of the award, and the criteria for awarding and presenting it are developed and owned by the national community organization which is also a chartered organization with the Boy Scouts of America.

To ensure compatibility with the objectives and mission of the Boy Scouts of America, the concept, requirements, and criteria for presenting the award must be approved by the BSA national Relationships Committee.

As of June, 2005, there are seven awards:

  • Marvin M. Lewis Award of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE)
  • Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Scouter's Achievement Award . American Legion Scouting Square Knot Award
  • Department of Defense United States Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
  • Herbert G. Horton Alpha Phi Omega Youth Service Award
  • George Meany Award of the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)n Saturday, March