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AdminWednesday October 18, 2017
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January 2011

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Northern Lights District January / February 2011

Popcorn Sale a HUGE success for Northern Lights District!

Thanks to all the.hard work by our scouts, parents and all our units we had another successful year of popcorn sales!!

We continue to lead the way in the council as a top selling district allowing us to continue the tradition of great programs for all our kids!

A huge THANK YOU to those that helped sorted popcorn. We had the best turnout EVER!

Thanks to: 

  •  Kegan Reynolds
  • Vanessa Reynolds
  • Rozalina Sitler
  • John Wheatley
  • Deb Wheatly
  • Mike Zahler
  • Ethan Storm-Levia
  • Michael Storm-Levia
  • Julane Storm-Levia
  • JeremyHargroder
  • Charles Hall
  • Curt Hall
  • Kyle Flett
  • Elijah Meske
  • Deanna Meske
  • Samson Hall
  • Leigh McDowell
  • Brandon McDowell
  • John Retka
  • Matt Retka
  • Brian Jones
  • Chip Chapin
  • Pack 329

To anyone we missed..THANK YOU!! We couldn't do it without your help!

IN for a little winter fun?

Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts try the Iceman and Klondike at Rum River on Friday Jan 21 for Iceman Friday night 1/21

And Klondike Sat Jan 22nd.

See http://tinyurl.com/NLKlondikeDerbyfor information about the Klondike Derby.

 And for Cub Scouts how about trying your hand at ice fishing?

See http://tinyurl.com/NLFishingDerby"for information about the Fishing Derby.

Get familiar with the "new" Quality standards..ney to Excellence District and Unit Facing Webinars (CST)


  • Wed 1/26 11 a.m. District
  • Thur 1/27 8 p.m. Districts
  • Wed 1/26 7 p.m. Packs
  • Thur 1/27 9 a.m. Crews
  • Thur 1/27 11 a.m. Troops
  • Tue 2/1 7 p.m. Troops
  • Wed 2/2 10 a.m. Packs
  • Wed 2/2 1 p.m. Crews

District and Unit link: http://journey-to-excellence.kintera.org/district-unit

Don't forget for Troops, Teams and Crews Recharters due January 15th!

Volunteers Deliver Happy Ending After Grinch Encounter

By Bob Mazzucca, Chief Scout Executive

We've all seen How the Grinch Stole Christmas, where the old Grinchmakesoffwith Whoville's Christmas presents, food, and decorations, then has a change of heart and returns everything. While that story is fiction, it's great to see a Grinch-like act in today's world mitigated by two dedicated Scouting volunteers. I say this in reference to a recent story reported by a TV station in Kansas City about Troop 492 ofIndependence, Missouri. Troop 492 is operating a Christmas tree lot this year to raise money for summer camp and high-adventure trip expenses. The Monday after Thanksgiving, two men picked out a $20 tree and paid with a $100 bill. After receiving $80 in change, they left the lot-and almost left the tree behind.

Later, the Scouts found out why the pair was in such a hurry­the $100 bill was counterfeit. Itwas originally a $5 bill that had been washed and altered to look like a $1 00 bill. As a result, the Scouts were out $80 in real cash, plus another $20 for one of their trees. While that counterfeiting scam would have only put a small dent in the proceeds for their camp fund, it had the potential to put a big dent in this fundraising experience forthe Scouts.

Fortunately, there's a happy ending to this story. Despite the efforts of the two counterfeiting scoundrels who preyed on the hard work of these boys, the Scouts didn't end up empty-handed. Troop 4~2 Scoutmaster Gene Pittman and his wife, Pat, stepped forward to personally replace the lost cash. They knew how important this fundraiser was for their troop's summer camp plans, saying simply, "This is for the boys." It's heartwarming to see, yet again, Scouters willing to step up and go the extra mile to make the Scouting experience positive and life-affirming for young people. Even more, it's a great re­minderto you and me ofhow critical the volunteer/staffpartner­ship is to achieving the mission of Scouting. We need each other!

By Bob Mazzucca, Chief Scout Executive

Do you have stories like this you would like to share?? Let me know I'd love to publish stories of our boys and our leaders of the Mighty Northern Lights District! Contact Andrea at apengra@nsbsa.org