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AdminWednesday October 18, 2017
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Hello,Jake Twaddle

My name is Jake Twaddle and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Northern Lights Senior District Executive. Prior to working in Northern Lights, I was the Crow River district executive for a little over two years, but that was not my first role in Scouting. I worked on camp staff for eight summers and five winters at nearly all of NSC's camps (Stearns, Phillippo, Tomahawk, Kiwanis and Base Camp). I am an Eagle Scout out of the former Troop 609 in Shoreview MN. As a youth I was very involved in Scouting with my Troop, Grey Wolf, CYCLE and the Order of the Arrow.I am a vigil member, founder's award recipient, and Centurion with the Order of the Arrow. Outside of Scouting I enjoy spending my time outside doing all of the things I learned to do in Scouting: Camping, hiking, canoeing, cooking, fishing. In the winter I still like to camp and hike, but I downhill ski water than water ski. In the summer I try to spend more time on my motorcycle than in my car if possible. I also possess the strength of 10 men. I'm really looking forward to getting to know and work with everyone Northern Lights district (Make Gabiou has only told me good things about all of you).

Please feel free to contact me at jtwaddle@nsbsa.org or by calling or texting 651-399-2187.

Roundtable Location

Each month, the District convenes a Roundtable for Cub Scout Den and Pack leaders, and a Roundtable for Boy Scout Troop leaders and Venturing Advisors. Roundtables are locally focused opportunities for in-service training, program ideas, news about the council and District, and information sharing with other involved Scouters. Roundtables are held the first Thursday of the month (off for the summer) at 7:30 pm.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

4700 Edinbrook Terrace

Brooklyn Park, MN

School Night for Scouting

Make sure you're ready for School Night for Scouting this fall! This fall is the third annual council wide SNFS, and it is cueing up to be the biggest and best Northern Lights has seen. To get with the times we have updated the theme to the coolest thing out there right now. SUPERHEROES. We want to help you recruit the most super heroes for your pack as possible. This year will be happening from 6-7 pm. to better fit your schedule. Signups this year will be happening from 6-7 p.m.. to better fit parents of youth Scouts schedules.Also, we have moved the date back a week later into September, this will allow more time to promote Scouting to all the boys in our elementary schools and make sure all of out fliers get into the boys hands on the right day.

We have even more super hero supplies available to get boys excited to join.

New wristbands with our website Heroscouts.org

Trading cards with all of the coolest Eagle Scouts the country has seen

New fliers

Post Cards

Super hero activities and training plans

AND so much more!

To get these supplies, contact your DE of SNFS chair.

But wait, there's more this year when boys sign up for Cub Scouts they will walk away with not only a new Super hero cape, but also a mini glow in the dark shield (Frisbee). If your pack would like to to rockets as a pack activity again, they will be available through your DE or at a scout office for $5.00.